Solid Fuels

We sell Grade 'A' quality Columbian pre-packed premium coal, smokeless fuel products & kiln dried logs. These may be used in either traditional open fires or modern multi-fuel stoves.

Grade 'A' Coal

Columbian coal is the best available in the market today. It is long burning, creates high temperatures and has a low ash output, therefore generating a powerful bed of flames and glowing heat. It is suitable for both open fires and multi fuel stoves but not recommended in smoke free areas.

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Coal Bunkers

We stock coal bunkers which are available in 3 sizes

150kg ( 6 bags) H780mm D600mm L770mm

300kg (12 bags) H980mm D870mm L850mm

600kg (24 bags) H1160mm D1000mm L1200mm

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Kiln Dried Logs

The main advantage of kiln dried logs is that they burn hotter and last longer than their counterparts, due to so much moisture having been removed from them. A greater proportion of their mass is burnable carbon, which allows each log to burn for longer. With less moisture, the hotter, cleaner and longer it burns.
They won't cause damage to your stove or flue like most seasoned logs on the market.
We would advise that kiln dried wood is not stored outside, as this can causes it to become damp and lose its efficiency.

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