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Why Oil Heating?

Oil is safer to store and use than other fossil fuel. Although oil is flammable, it won't explode and it doesn't produce carbon monoxide.

Is gas heating better than oil?
Both new gas and oil boilers are highly efficient. However, heating oil burns hotter than natural gas, therefore your home heats up faster and needs less fuel to maintain temperature.

Oil boilers have a lifespan of approximately 25+ years, which is much greater than that of gas boilers.
A customer contacted us as they wanted to convert back to oil. They had only been using gas for six years before their gas boiler broke down and was unrepairable. An additional annoyance for them was that when they ran hot water, their whole heating system concentrated completely on that rather than maintaining their house temperature.

Oil can be imported from many different oil producing countries. However, natural gas supply is heavily dependant on Russia, with over 50% of Europe’s gas supply coming from there!

It is also a misconception that with gas heating you get instant hot water.
Although the gas system starts to heat the water instantly, it can take around 10 seconds for the hot water to reach your tap. Whereas you can have your oil system plumbed in such a way to give you instant hot water at your tap.

  • Hassle free online ordering
  • Express/Emergency delivery at no extra cost
  • Order online and save £££'s
  • Fast & friendly delivery by professional drivers

Home Delivery

We offer a range of delivery requests including: same day delivery, mini tanker service, top-up service, through house calls, and run out service, all at no extra charge.
We run a "Loyalty Discount Scheme" - when you place an on-line order, you will receive £5 discount and on every 6th order you will receive £10 discount.

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Planned Payment

Direct Debit Facility

Why not spread your home heating costs, with our Direct Debit Scheme. We would be happy to discuss your fuel usage, agree an estimated spend, then arrange monthly payments by Direct Debit to help you spread the cost of your heating bill.

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Emergency Services

  • Boiler bleeding service
  • Emergency drums
  • Emergency run out service
  • Emergency oil tank replacement service
  • Emergency pump-out service
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Boiler Maintenance

As with all heating systems, regular servicing will help the boiler to burn more cleanly and efficiently, therefore annual servicing is recommended.

Give us a call for more details or to arrange this service

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Useful Tips

If you have any queries that you feel we could help you with, please don't hesitate to call us on 02890812733
  • If your tank is leaking

    Immediately contact our emergency response service on 02890812733

  • Regularly check condition of oil tank

    Get into the habit of checking the condition of your oil tank monthly/bi-monthly for signs of bleaching, bulges or cracks.

  • Don't let your oil level get too low

    Avoid letting your oil level get too low, as dirt can gather in the base of the tank & block the filter.

  • If you can order a larger amount

    Fuel is cheaper pence per litre as the quantity increases; if you can afford to buy a larger amount you will save more ££ in the long term.

  • Spread the cost of your oil

    Spread the cost of your heating bill with our Planned payment scheme.

  • How can I reduce my carbon footprint with my heating?

    Avoid ordering small quantities of oil. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save fuel on Oil Delivery in Belfast and therefore help to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • How can I make my oil last longer?

    Be energy efficient in your home.

    Use a programmable thermostat to turn down the heat when you're not at home; install thermostats on your radiators; keep the area in front of radiators free to allow the heat to radiate effectively.

    Conduct a home energy audit to identify draughts or areas that need more insulation, such as walls and roof space areas. Insulate pipes to guard against heat loss and to prevent them from freezing.

  • How can I save ££ on my heating bill?

    Oil prices tend to go up with demand, so fill up your tank off-season.

    Order larger amounts -the saving is greater as the quantity increases.

  • Heating Oil theft

    Fuel oil tanks have the potential to hold hundreds of pounds of oil. Farms, businesses and domestic properties, especially in more rural areas, can be a target for thieves. Here are a few steps that can be taken to deter or prevent oil thieves: Lock your gates; keep fences etc in good repair; if your tank is in view, install motion activated security lighting, which may startle trespassers and alert you or your neighbours to their presence; install a Tank lock or Watchman gauge - if the oil level suddenly drops it will alarm and alert you to theft or maybe an oil leak; disguise your tank with fencing or defensive planting - most thieves will try and avoid prickly plants as not only are they painful, but they can capture blood & clothing fibres which could reveal their identity; remove any tools or ladders that could be used by the thieves.